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Promotional Clothing

Promotional clothing – help your staff and customers promote your business

Properly planned and sourced, corporate and promotional clothing can do great things for a business. Used effectively, a range of wearable promotional items can increase the number of people acting as your organisation’s brand ambassadors, and, if you get the design right, can even become aspirational and sought after in their own right.

The use of corporate dress codes and even uniforms has long been shown to create a greater sense of belonging for employees and associates and studies suggest that it also reminds workers of the company’s brand values and visions and their responsibility to uphold them.

How can promotional clothing help my business?

Promotional items and giveaways however, reward customers for their loyalty to your brand and give a sense of being appreciated as a person, not just a source of income. Everyone likes to be treated to a little gift sometimes, and being offered something that can’t be bought off the shelf adds a little cachet to the whole experience.

You must ensure that any giveaways are of high quality and something that people will actually want to wear and use – for example polo or T-shirts, sweatshirts, scarfs, jackets etc. To be effective they must also be practical and stylish; no point looking good in a windcheater if it doesn’t keep you warm and dry. Don’t buy cheap; it really is a false economy as shoddy goods will damage the recipients’ view of your business, rather than enhancing it.

Making choices

Consideration needs to be given to how you will brand your clothing. Do you go for images and text, or text only? How large is the branding going to be; will it be discreet and muted or large and funky? How will you produce it, will the personalisation be screen printed, or embroidered, ethically sourced and fair trade cotton or luxury fabrics? It’s helpful if there is some connection with your core business too – a dental practice offering corporate socks for example, seems like a rather odd fit!

There are a large number of specialist companies out there producing work wear and promotional items and there’s bound to be one that is the perfect match for your business.